A message about COVID-19 and our commitment to our loyal patrons and staff.

The Grille on Congress is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of our patrons and employees. I am closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and following the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Center for Disease Control.) I would like to share with you the actions I am taking to ensure the safety of my valued customers and staff.

  • All members of The Grille on Congress team are required to remain at home when not feeling well, even with seasonal allergies or a common cold. 
  • I am continuing staff training and education to ensure my team is educated on the COVID-19 virus and how to best protect themselves and our loyal patrons.
  • Staff is wearing disposable gloves while setting tables, rolling silverware and while handling dishes in the dish room – and are changing them consistently throughout the shift.
  • Food runners are wearing disposable gloves at all times and changing them consistently throughout the shift.
  • The entire kitchen staff is wearing disposable gloves at all times and changing them regularly as well as disinfecting all work areas with antiviral cleaners throughout the shift. 
  • All staff must continuously wash their hands throughout service.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized throughout the hours of operation.
  • I have installed no-touch hand soap, hand sanitizer and paper towel dispensers in all bathrooms, kitchen and service areas.
  • All menus, tables, countertops, bar tops, phones and door handles are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly during hours of operation. 

I will continue to monitor all communications from the CDC. The wellbeing of my loyal customers and staff is of the utmost importance to me. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. Your continued business is very much appreciated and I thank you all for choosing The Grille on Congress. 

Thank you,

Suzie Donovan