Happier Hours

Updated: May 4th

Relax and enjoy Happier Hours, our unique twist on happy hour! Our distinctive casual fare and delicious wines and cocktails are irresistible!

Monday - Saturday - 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Two for One Draft Beer

Two for One One Cocktails
(sorry … no martinis or super premium brands)

$5 Wines By the Glass

Choose From:
Ecco Domani, Pinot Grigio
Guenoc, Chardonnay
Mark West, Pinot Noir
Cycle Gladiator, Merlot
Carmenet Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon

$5 Martinis

Choose From:

$5 Appetizers

Choose From:
Chips & Salsa
Flash Fried Calamari
Roasted Chicken Quesadilla
Chinese Egg Rolls
Grille Potato Chips with Homemade Onion Dip
Sweet & Spicy Shrimp